Welcome to my Ayn Rand Page

Ayn Rand is the famous author of "Atlas Shrugged" and "The Fountainhead". She was an original thinker and discoverer of the philosophy she named "Objectivism". It is the philosophy I live by.

In metaphysics, Objectivism holds that there is only one reality (the world evident by means of the senses and perception) and that man has free will.

In epistemology, Objectivism holds that man's distinctive method of cognition, reason, is capable of knowing reality as it is. It eschews rationalism, empiricism and mysticism.

In ethics, Objectivism holds that happiness is the proper goal of men and that the proper standard of a code of ethics is man's life as a rational being. It condemns altruism.

In politics, Objectivism holds that men should be free to act on their own judgment and pursue their own values so long as they do not violate the rights of other men. It holds that each man should be free to produce the values his life requires, dealing with others through a voluntary exchange of values. It holds that governments exist solely to protect men's rights, which it does by outlawing the use of physical force or fraud to extort values from other men. Objectivism extolls individualism and opposes all forms of social and political collectivism.

In esthetics, Ayn Rand classified herself as a romantic realist. She extolled romantic art--the view that art should show life as it might and ought to be.

Ayn Rand did not merely assert her ideas--she went to great lengths to prove her ideas all the way back to fundamental and self-evident principles. In doing this, she found it necessary, in epistemology, to offer a solution to the ancient "problem of universals" which has engaged philosophers since the time of Plato and Aristotle. Her philosophy is an integrated whole. In essence, Objectivism is a philosophy for living on earth.