[N0001] A Chester Bales d. 1932 is buried in the Ross-Mayes Cemetary in Mayes Co., Oklahoma.

[N0002] The Bales/Roark Cemetary is located on a hill overlooking the James Bales Farm.

[N0003] The James Bales farm was in present day Jackson Co. Kentucky, Anneville. At the time the community was called Chinquapin Rough.

[N0004] Lived in Berea, Kentucky

[N0005] Source for children: "Pioneers of Eastern Kentucky" by B. C. Caudill

[N0006] Died as a child

[N0007] Myrtle and Alfred had three children.

[N0008] James W. is listed as married to Alice with son Conrad on the 1900 census of Jackson Co. KY

[N0009] Died between 1897 and 1900

[N0010] 1900 census has Fannie as a widow living with her parents in Madison Co. KY

[N0011] Died before 1900

[N0012] Had two other children whose names are not known.

[N0013] Frank and Jucy had seven children.

[N0014] Willie and Lula Hall had 11 children.

[N0015] A tombstone with Julius' name is in the Bales/Roark cemetary in Anneville, KY. It was erected when Julius' first wife Nancy was buried there.

[N0016] Said to have died from eating green pecans. Probably died of dysentary.

[N0017] Died as a result of a head injury after falling from a horse. He evidently broke horses for a living.

[N0018] 3 sons, 2 daughters

[N0019] 2 sons, both deceased during 1986


[N0021] 3 sons, 2 daughters

[N0022] 1 son, 1 daughter

[N0023] 1 son, 1 daughter

[N0024] 2 sons and 1 daughter by his second wife

[N0025] Moved to Florida

[N0026] Buried at Friendship Methodist Cemetary, Milam Co. TX

[N0027] Buried at Friendship Methodist Cemetary, Milam Co., TX

[N0028] Buried in Bales/Roark Cemetary. Possibly the first person buried there. No marker remained in 1986, although two crude limestone markers with no discernable writing were possibly those of Rebecca and her infant daughter who died a few weeks later.

[N0029] Moved to Florida

[N0030] Married in San Diego, CA

[N0031] Married Houston, TX

[N0032] Married Davilla, TX

[N0033] No children

[N0034] Married in Ft. Worth, TX, Hemphill Presbytarian Church

[N0035] Married Lubbock, TX in Christ the King Catholic Church

[N0036] Adopted

[N0037] Married San Angelo, TX

[N0038] Married Cook Co. Baptist Church, Gainesville, TX

[N0039] Married Midway Baptist Church, Sand Springs, TX


[N0041] Both marriages, Big Spring, TX

[N0042] Had 2 sons and 1 dau by 2nd wife. Died in WV.

[N0043] The Cyprus-Fairbanks Independent School District, Harris Co. TX opened the Sandra Bales Walker Elementary School in the year 2000.

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